Michael, known professionally as Michael Maverick, is a Mexican-American creative Swiss Army Knife which talents include: Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, composer, investor, entrepreneur, fitness athlete, record producer, beat maker and actor. He was born and raised in a heavily Chicano populated neighborhood named National City (greater area San Diego), California. He first garnered recognition for his extended play, "The Dark Beer EP" (2015). He later rose to prominence as a Chicano Hip-Hop artist, appearing on several Coast2Coast Mixtapes before setting up his own label, Maverick Music Records. Michael released an album in late 2016 which had overwhelming reception from the Hispanic community called, "Spanglish". In this album, He had two hit singles that sent him to overnight underground success. They are, "I'm His Panic" and "Weather Girl". He Later released the single, "By Myself" (2017). His latest single has shown high levels of potential that has left his audience asking for more called, "Live It To The Limit" (2017). Currently, Michael Maverick has an EP or album in mind for his next project. 

Michael Maverick's success really spawned after the single, "I'm His Panic" (2016), which had strong appreciation from the Chicano community in the West Coast. His first studio EP, "The Dark Beer EP" (2015), debuted as a one of the highest rated EPs from an independent Latin lyricist. It was critically acclaimed since Michael Maverick paid out of pocket to make the EP happen. His most fan-loved single, "Fa Real" (2015) is one of the most downloaded songs as Michael Maverick delivered an alternative underground flow with a conscious message. All of his music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc. 

Michael broke into the film industry in his role as a cholo in the film, "Victory" (2015). He continued his acting ambitions with another key role as a drug dealer in the short film, "WHAT?! The Movie" (2016). Michael is set up to appear in more films and in fitness athletic related endeavours. Michael also served two years as a host and DJ on KCR radio where he debuted his, "Thirsty Thursday" show consisting of Top 40, Latin, and EDM music. 

He is the founder and CEO of an environmentally conscious business called, MG Lignum, LLC where he offers people a bamboo alternatives to plastic sunglasses. Michael believes too much plastic gets into our oceans, pollutes our ecosystems and environment. More information can be found on 

As a beat maker, he releases beat albums on iTunes under the name Maverick Beats. He makes his own beats and mixes his own projects. This is a feat that only a few have been able to do. As such, he is an instrumental and producing power house that is only rivaled by the big players in the industry. 

Michael grew up from humble beginnings in a city that is nick named, "Nasty City" (National City), California. This name was given to this city because of its high crime rate, gang activity, and drug related arrests. Even though Michael was faced with a tough environment, he found an outlet with music by teaching himself how to play the drums, guitar, bass and piano. He learned how to play many songs with these instruments which later he transferred into beat making and then, ultimately, harnessing the talent of being a recording artist.

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